Get to know us and our work

The Higher Education and Research Group has teams of researchers, data scientists and advisers. They have decades of sector-relevant experience and expertise.


At the Higher Education and Research Group (HERG), we seek to strengthen the productivity of individual universities and the higher education sector more broadly.

We do this through collaborative advisory services. Further, we support policy development and implementation including for those charged with governance positions in universities and within government.

We work with clients to provide evidence-based solutions supporting strengthened outcomes.


We believe in the power of both collaboration and innovation to drive positive change in higher education and research.

Our data scientists, researchers and advisors understand the complex challenges faced by universities and others in the higher education ecosystem.

By fostering collaboration and providing expert evidence-based guidance, we seek to contribute to the overall cost efficiency and productivity of the higher education sector.


At the heart of universities and other higher education providers are passionate, engaged people. This is true of HERG also.

We take pride in our people who bring diverse backgrounds in academia, policy, and consulting.

With their deep and rich understanding of the sector, they are equipped to offer tailored solutions that deliver evidence-based results.

We are committed to guiding clients towards success in all that they seek to do.


Our Research and Education Efficiency Frontier (RREF) Methodology is at the core of our approach.
Using this evidence-based approach we engage with you seeking to:



All engagements commence by spending time with you to discover your needs, objectives and aspirations. We also ask questions to understand the values that drive you and the particular constraints that you work within.



We work with you to define closely the questions you seek evidence-based answers for, and the key factors involved in finding the solutions needed by you. We agree mutually agreed timelines and other constraints.


Data Gathering

Our team of data scientists gather data from reputable, valid and reliable such including from Government and related agencies.



We work to develop solutions for the questions for which you need answers. We provide one or more draft reports to ensure that we are providing factual evidence-based solutions targeted at your identified questions and issues.



Our whole organization and all of the people in it are focused on the provision of on-time evidence-based advice. We do this without fear or favor.



We are a ‘for purpose’ organization with objectivity and evidence integrity at the heart of the organization. We provide dispassionate advice based on data and evidence.


Evidence development and purposeful research is our passion, and we are proud of every engagement we are involved with. Here are some of the benefits of choosing us:

Not only that our solutions are tailored to your desired goals, but they are also backed by Evidenced Based Solutions.

We use Empirical data to provide the needed evidence base to support decision making.

All of our projects are data oriented, therefore, our data library is enriched with the latest available data both from public sources and within institution data.

Everyone at HERG have more than 50 years of experience (combined) in the sector.

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